NAMASTE HOUSE WIFERY, born January 31st, 2014.

Emily Stansberry, author, blogger, and house-wifey extraordinaire, created Namaste House Wifery to flip the idea of house-wifery and homemaking on its head!


Being a housewife isn’t boring. Being a homemaker isn’t dull. And both are hardly old-fashioned pursuits. Rather, house-wifery and homemaking are both magnificent, evolving, EXCITING splashes of ART! Namaste House Wifery is about Choice. It’s about Flow. It’s about Peace.

 Namaste House Wifery isn’t just a lullaby;it’s a rock song too. It’s the lyric of a woman who’s experienced a good bit of that thing we call Life and stepped onto her Life path of artistic house-wifery, homemaking, composting, upcycling, dog-rescuing, writing, blogging, painting, dreaming, dancing– and child-bearing, child-raising, and homeschooling to come. Namaste House Wifery is Emily’s Choice, her Flow, and her Peace. This IS her rock song. Maybe you’ll like the beat.


About Emily Stansberry

Emily Stansberry is a freelance writer who teaches high school English in Appalachia. A teacher by day and a writer/reader by night, Emily lives in Floyd with her husband, two dogs, and cat. Emily’s family transplanted to Floyd County for the love of the Floyd-fashioned peace, culture, music, simplicity, and most certainly for the mountains. Emily writes about healing, simplicity, and the pursuit of good-enough-ness that lies beneath her (and everyone else’s) past stories of un-wellness and despair. She also enjoys the dance of article writing about happenings in her local community, with a particular interest in the theatre arts and literature arenas. Emily enjoys both fiction and non-fiction writing, memoir writing, science writing, reporting, editing, and even children’s literature writing, with a bit of illustration creation thrown in too. The act of writing is synonymous with the act of breathing for Emily, and as long as she’s writing, regardless of genre, she’s dancing to the beat of her muse.

9 responses to “NAMASTE HOUSE WIFERY, born January 31st, 2014.

  1. Frances Kuhlbars

    Fabulous start at dealing with an idea whose time has come.

    • Frances, I am delighted that you identify with the Truth that modern house-wifery and homemaking is a creative Art that can no longer be overlooked! I appreciate your note of support! Namaste (from my heart to yours), Emily

  2. Kristin

    Yay! Wonderful! I look forward to reading your blogs. Love ya!

    • Kristin, Thanks! I’m glad that a young mother of three is interested in what Namaste House-Wifery is all about! Young mothers and homemakers living in the modern world, just like YOU, are the inspiration for Namaste House Wifery! Feel free to share this site with your friends and like-minded ladies. I cherish your excitement and support! Namaste, Emily

  3. Great idea. This is not a lost art, just one hidden by the “moderan” wotld.

    • Susan, Thank you for sharing your thoughts! If you’d like to read more click on the “+Follow” button at the bottom right of the website page, and enter your email address for notifications. I cherish your comments and support! Namaste, Emily

  4. Nonia Gay Jones

    Oh, Emily! You write beautifully! (of course, I’ve always known that!) You bring back my days growing up in WV – up those beautiful hollows where the sun was elusive due to the height of the mountains. As I’m reading, I can relate to everything you say. We grew our vegetables and there was killing of animals for food, which totally disgusted me. I have been an “almost” vegan my whole life. My mother canned and pickled nearly everything grown. Until I was 10 we had an outhouse – double-seater – lol. My mom made so many of my clothes. I picked up the task but never became fully talented. I made my boys tee shirts, pants, and pajamas until the zipper became important. I’m loving your journey and I’m so thrilled to see you happy and in a less stressful life. You are the best!

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